Learn How Digicare Fits Your Business

Digicare is an application of Service request Management that acquires the content of your customers and plays it in a clear and comprehensive way to facilitate the interaction.

Real-time monitoring

All activities of your customers, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, Gmail, and Google+ are unified in a single screen and updated in a real-time.


Fully customizable on a time interval, type, number and placement of its portlets to track KPI more relevant.


The architecture Plug-in allows you to change the look and feel to incorporate such as the logo and corporate colors.


Social media has undeniably changed the way brands and customers communicate. Digicare social media management tools can help you and your team monitor, communicate, interact and collaborate to ensure smarter and faster communication.

Digicare social media management tools across:


One team inbox

Digicare application package includes:

  • messages
  • post
  • comment

Digicare gives you the most powerful tools available to personally connect with customers and solve issues.
Digicare app offer a range of solutions that can help you easily organize multiple accounts and share information across several social networks without ever needing to post anything separately to your accounts directly from the web.



A Better Way to Manage Your Social Messages

Quick reply

Delight your customers by quickly responding to questions and resolving issues across networks.

Personal replies

Agents may easily use ready expressions for serve to the customer quickly.

Customer merge

Allow you to merge and keep your preferred customer data.


A tool for your team


Easy to configure and monitoring

Through Digicare dashboard you manage all your social profiles and applications. Under Social Management tab you can edit your app or edit, loading/reset data and get information about the profiles you manage.

Wordcloud Management

An Wordcloud is a graphical representation of the most frequent words in the issues of all managed channels. If you set the filter by category, than you`ll display all the words present in the needs of that specific category, with the exception of “stopwords” (irrelevant words). Size and frequency of words are directly proportional and can be seen the number of occurrences of each word.


Tagcloud Management

The tagcloud is a type of portlets that includes a set of labels, where each has a magnitude proportional to its own weight or importance. Tags are terms associated with a particular item to classify the content and clicking on each tag will enable a link that allows you to access the content associated to that specific term, allowing the user to see the needs that include the words related to that tag.

Multilingual items and content

One of the best features of Digicare application is the unlimited languages option integrated inside the dashboard. By selecting your preferred language, all your system settings and content will display automatically in that language. Also, all your customers posts, replies and messages can be translated in your configurable system language by clicking in a flag icon. What are you waiting for?! 🙂




A portlet is a Web-based component that will process requests and generate dynamic content.
Portlets are created outside the Digicare dashboard. After that, portlets can be imported through Digicare dashboard.


Under Settings-Dashboard area there are a number of portlets of different types such as categories, issueflow types..etc.
The agent may edit the portlet name or decide to keep them enabled or disabled.


Discover the power of Digicare


Many Template Options

Digicare comes with a variety number of templates under Plugins area.
Choose the theme you would like and set it as default.

Customer Notes

Contextual information around conversations helps teams deliver exceptional customer support and build lasting customer relationships.


Deliver great customer service with ID field to each issue in an external CRM(Customer Relationship Management).


Flexible features to your customers

All social channels

With a few clicks you can add any social networks to Digicare.

Converted time

The creation time of each message is automatically converted by the system in time zone of their country.

Data recognition

The automatic recognition of phone and Social Security numbers let you easy upgrade the customer profile.


Facebook Features


Update all your customers social post and comment by clicking on refresh button.


Digicare provides you to like or dislike an issue by increasing and decreasing the counter of likes, respectively


Hiding a message makes it display as inactive but you can undo this action by displaying the hidden message.


Choose to close or not an issue and the status issue will be updated automatically.


Twitter Features



Quickly share a tweet with all of your followers by clicking ‘Retweet’ button.


Easily undo your last action by just clicking on this button.


Stay organized with Digicare Gmail inbox

If a spam message gets through to your inbox, you can report it and get it out of your inbox. Manage your Spam filter in Gmail through Digicare dashboard.


Youtube Features


The like button allow users to like other video sharing


The dislike button helps users tell content creators how they feel about a video.


Unlock deeper insights

Boost your social media productivity - analyze reports and charts to understand your customers and trends.


Reports in Digicare are data which contains useful information. Reports exports issues depending on the report you choose to access. The reports can be sent directly via email or you can proceed to its extraction in Excel format.


Section that contains all analysis request-able by the customers. The time evolution chart gives you data about response time in minutes, global or single issues. There are other charts like Response rate or Flow requirements


Powerful live chat application for customer support. You must indicate the name and company`s reference and then click “Start chat”, to start the conversation.


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