Easy to configure and monitoring

Through Digicare dashboard you manage all your social profiles and applications. Under Social Management tab you can edit your app or edit, loading/reset data and get information about the profiles you manage.

Wordcloud Management

An Wordcloud is a graphical representation of the most frequent words in the issues of all managed channels. If you set the filter by category, than you`ll display all the words present in the needs of that specific category, with the exception of “stopwords” (irrelevant words). Size and frequency of words are directly proportional and can be seen the number of occurrences of each word.


Tagcloud Management

The tagcloud is a type of portlets that includes a set of labels, where each has a magnitude proportional to its own weight or importance. Tags are terms associated with a particular item to classify the content and clicking on each tag will enable a link that allows you to access the content associated to that specific term, allowing the user to see the needs that include the words related to that tag.

Multilingual items and content

One of the best features of Digicare application is the unlimited languages option integrated inside the dashboard. By selecting your preferred language, all your system settings and content will display automatically in that language. Also, all your customers posts, replies and messages can be translated in your configurable system language by clicking in a flag icon. What are you waiting for?! 🙂